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Highlighting womxn who are making a legendary impact in their communities.

She's Legendary is a community of womxn who are dedicated to living their best life while making an impact in their communites.

The Community for Female Founders

‘Founder Connect’ is for female founders who want to upgrade their network, build their business, and live a legendary lifestyle.

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Featured Stories

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Megan Merid

Co founder of REALHER & Co Founder of Lyf Makeup

"We believe that women and girls should be given equal opportunities, pay, education, and respect. It is also our job as parents to do our part and ensure that our children grow up in a world that reveres women as we do."


Codie Sanchez

Investor | Multimillion-dollar entrepreneur | Advocate | Speaker

Why I left wall st to enter cannabis: Let me reintro myself for new faces. I left my worlds of traditional investing and formerly investigative reporting to Work with a 🌱 @entourageeffectcapital bc of three words: Generational wealth creation. I believe in cannabis we are amongst a trend that will have ramifications for decades. Despite setbacks in the market I believe it today more than ever. . So when you find yourself in one of these periods, passionate about the change, and able to affect the outcome, it’s time to leap. 🤜🏼

Led by womxn, ran by womxn, founded by womxn,

supporting and empowering womxn.

Lindsay White

Founder of The Little Milk Bar

Adriana Najera

CEO + Founder of ACN PR

Alexis Schulze

Co-Founder and CVO of Nekter Juice Bar


Alayna Dunklin

Therese Clark

Brooke Tawanna

Founder & Owner of Innovate ABA

Founder of Seviin Children’s Apparel

Founder of Lady Suite

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