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Amanda Rivera | Mindset PR Strategist

Amanda Rivera

Amanda is a Forbes & BBC News featured Mindset PR Strategist who is on a mission to rise up the next generation of thought leaders. She’s also the founder of the Media Manifestors community, a monthly platform that shares the best manifesting & marketing strategies to skyrocket your brand.

Clients have experienced:

* Going viral & landing 1.5 million views on their Instagram

* Getting positioned as a leading expert in their industry on platforms that have 100k+ views a month

* Featured in places like Forbes, New York Times, VICE, CNN, NBC, Bustle, Thrive Global, WSJ, and more!

* Feeling confident about their personal brand, content strategy, and online presence

Want to learn how to write articles in major media outlets so you can boost your visibility and build your personal brand?

Grab her free workbook:

Mindset PR Strategist @Inspiremeamanda

“Your vision already happened your only job is to remove any limiting belief that says otherwise.” -Amanda Rivera

What advice would you give someone wanting to pursue a career similar to yours?

I would say get a strong support system. I’ve tried to do things on my own out of ego and wanting to prove that I did it all by myself. But that’s just lame! We grow together and you can get to your destination far faster when you collaborate. Every stuck moment I encountered on the journey was when I thought I could do it all myself. Get a coach, get a mentor, get accountability biz besties, get friends who want to grow too. It takes a village no matter what you’re building.

What are the best resources that have helped you along the way?

There’s two beliefs that have helped me grow and have helped my clients grow. Being aware of where you’re at on the emotional scale (keeping a positive mindset, self-care, making how you feel a priority) and taking wild, scary fun action. The first one is making sure that you operate from a place of alignment and pleasure. If you’re feeling burnt out, bitter, exhausted, overwhelmed your audience is going to feel that too and it’s just going to make growing your business harder. So take care of yourself, follow the pleasure, and take inspired action. The second one is super fun/scary and is what’s going to help you grow fast and take leaps that would take others years. Do something big, outlandish, and scary in your business from time to time. Pitch that big media outlet you don’t feel quite ready to be in. Reach out to that industry leader that’s on your vision board to work with. Ask a Fortune 100 company to sponsor your event. The worst they can say is no or just ignore it. No skin off your back. But the chance there is a yes is too good to pass up. Taking big action like that only works in your favor.

If you could step into my shoes, what would you have asked yourself that I didn’t?

What to do when you’re feeling like nothing is working. So when you do entrepreneurship (or just go after any goal!). You’re going to experience moments where you’ll feel like nothing is working or you’ll second-guess yourself. That’s human. The key is to have the right mindset tools & support in place to support yourself through it. And through practice you’ll be able to strengthen your mindset and grow along the way. I highly recommend creating a running list of things that make you feel good and that you love doing. So that when you feel burnt out/tired you don’t quit you just take a break, do things that put you in a good mood, and try again from a refreshed state. Sometimes your best, most profitable ideas will come from watching stand-up comedy or going for a nature walk.

"Every minute in your day you are activating a path. You are activating an empowered outcome or a disempowered outcome. But the choice is always yours. - Amanda"
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