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Ana Pompa Alarcón Rawls | Founder of Findsisterhood

Ana Pompa Alarcón Rawls

Founder of Findsisterhood

"I want every woman to know, that her story, and her voice, matters." - Ana Pompa Alarcón Rawls

Ana Pompa Alarcón Rawls, Founder of Findsisterhood was born in Austria and raised in Mexico and Austria bilingual and in two very different cultures. When she came to the US 6 years ago she met her now husband and entered a third new language and culture. She is the CEO and founder of findSisterhood. She founded the app, a social network for women, out of the need to get support without judgment. Together with her team they built an untraceable app that allows women to share their stories and get advice without having to reveal their identity. Right after launching she started collecting thousands of stories of women all around the world, some were so heartbreaking that she decided she needed to reach more women and make findsisterhood accessible for women all over the world to share their stories and shine a light on topics we usually try to avoid as a society. Rather than painting the artificial picture of perfect lives we want to be real, vulnerable and honest.

We'd love to know your story! How did you get started? How did you get to where you are today? What are you most proud of?

I am the CEO and founder of findSisterhood. We create safe spaces for everyone in need of sisterhood. I started this company when I became a mom in a foreign country, far away from my own community and family. This feeling of needing a sisterhood and not being able to connect with what I saw online for women to be vulnerable and raw was what made me go and built my won circle of strong women. We are passionate about data and privacy issues and connecting people across generations and countries to get everyone the same access to conversations and educational resources. Our company is about to launch the product we have been working on for so long and I am very proud of this and our team. But my biggest accomplishment are my children Ezra and Leila. Those two are not just best friends, but the kindest human I have ever met. They are passionate, funny, love to help and just so kind.

What advice would you give someone wanting to pursue a career similar to yours?

Being a founder is the hardest job in the world (in my humble opinion). So only do it if this sets your soul on fire and you are willing to do whatever it takes to figure this out. It will not be easy and it so much work and ups and downs. But it you are building something you believe in with all of your heart, it will be so worth it.

What are the best resources that have helped you along the way?

My community. I build a strong network of mentors and advisors. Our investors are my soundboard and so is our sisterhood community. Going back to your own users and hearing what they have to say is the number one resource to better understand what work needs to be done.

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