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Jennifer McKay Newton - Founder & CEO of DefineMe

DefineMe was born from a deep desire to help make a difference in people’s lives.

By understanding the connection between scent and emotion, we found fragrance to be a powerful way to deliver positive affirmations. Affirmations such as, being worthy of love, being respected, feeling confident and having the strength to pursue your dreams.

As part of our mission to empower, we established early on that giving back would be an essential part of DefineMe’s lifeblood. We were moved by the hardships that many girls face in receiving what we feel is a basic human right; an education. Our co-mission quickly became helping these girls have the chance to achieve their dreams by providing educational scholarships directly through our sales.

We couldn’t achieve this without you and we are incredibly grateful to work with you in this movement to help empower and inspire through fragrance and education.

I'm most proud that we've been able to create a company that for over five years has helped a lot of young women in developing countries receive an education they so deserve. This makes me believe that in even a small way we're helping women's equality movements around the world.

What advice would you give someone wanting to pursue career similar to yours?

Have a clear and concise vision for your brand.

Test your market first to see if it's a viable idea.

Know the competition but try not to compare yourself, you never know what's really going on behind the scenes at their company.

Be confident in your decisions, you'll have to make them daily, if they end up being bad decisions, that's okay because that's what it takes to learn how to make great decisions.

Before you walk into an important meeting, say to yourself, "I'm a badass" ten times. :-)

What are the best resources that have helped you along the way?

I'd say if you're a woman, join a women's business group, like Business Chicks or CEW. Meet other women who you can learn from.

what makes you happy?

What makes me happiest is spending quality time with my family and dogs and going for quiet walks in nature.

DefineMe’s goal is to help you become your best self—so it’s only fitting that we also choose product ingredients with your well-being in mind. DefineMe perfume oils are made with a blend of essential oils, natural fragrance oils, and clean synthetic fragrance oils. In the case of clean synthetics, we would choose to use them rather than an essential oil, when the synthetic is safer on the skin—or it’s the more eco-friendly, sustainable choice. DefineMe products are made with the best natural, simple, yet effective ingredients, such as sugarcane alcohol, which we use instead of ethanol, and fractionated coconut oil, which we use rather than a chemical base like dyproylene glycol. It’s also important to make note of what we don’t use. In DefineMe products, you will never find phthalates, parabens, petroleum, formaldehyde, or BHT.  And, all DefineMe formulas are gluten-free. To find the list of ingredients in each DefineMe product, visit the product’s web page.


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