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Jewel Zimmer & Taylor Lamb | Founders of Juna-World

Jewel Zimmer & Taylor Lamb

Founders of Juna-world

In an era of sensory and schedule overload, our body’s work in overdrive to maintain biological harmony.

As female founders, entrepreneurs, and mothers, Jewel and Taylor experienced this first hand where true necessity led them to the creation of Juna. Juna is redefining wellness by creating plant powered formulas to optimize mind, body, mood and sleep.

Collectively we aspire to optimize our lives and show up as the best version of ourselves for not only our business, but for our families and personal passions. While it’s easy to turn to pharmaceutical solutions and quick fix supplements, new-age wellness studies are shining light on plant-powered alternatives. Cannabis, hemp and other botanicals are re-setting our body's ecosystem and creating long-term benefits and solutions to everyday challenges.

Juna’s plant-powered formulas naturally enhance your body’s endocannabinoid defense systems, and provide solutions to these stressors of modern living and a shift in perception with THC that allows for a flow state.

We believe nature is the best chemist and plants are the ultimate representation of self-care. All Juna’s products are formulated with either certified organic ingredients or ingredients grown with organic and or biodynamic practices to ensure nutrient rich, active botanicals are in every drop. Our hemp is sourced from farmers who utilize regenerative permaculture techniques for the richest soil quality that develops a plant that contains more than 80 identified botanical actives, including cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients.

Juna’s products release the body, engage the mind, enhance social situations, and tastefully integrate into every moment of your day - from your morning coffee to nightly restorative sleep. Our finished products have a pleasant herbal taste that can be dropped under the tongue or added to a food or beverage of choice without compromising flavor.

Juna represents the growing wave of those who know: when you care for your mind, body, and mood - you bring your best self to the table and help others do the same.

Meet the Founders

As serial entrepreneur, fine-dining pastry chef and certified sommelier in San Francisco, Jewel Zimmer optimizes her ingredient-focused approach to plant alchemy. She launched her first functional food {cocoa} absolute, with Barneys New York in 2009, infusing single-origin chocolate with adaptogenic raw cacao extracts to intensify the physiological and therapeutic benefits of the fruit. The line soon gained an international following, and inspired her to work with other plants and botanicals. After years of research and development, building close relationships with farmers, chemists, and medical experts, Jewel established Juna with the goal of creating targeted plant-powered formulas for mind, body, mood and sleep.

In contrast to Jewel’s background, Taylor Lamb is an experienced growth marketing leader with a proven track record for significantly driving accelerated business growth. Prior to Juna, she led growth marketing and e-commerce for the direct-to-consumer sleepwear brand Lunya as well as popular jewelry brand, Gorjana. By integrating analytical data with human psychology, she identifies behavioral trends, growth opportunities, new acquisition channels, and she develops and implements strategic omni-channel marketing campaigns that drive both brand recognition and significant revenue growth. After becoming pregnant with her first child, Taylor found an increased awareness for her health, balance, and well-being. Similar to optimizing ad campaigns, she is on a journey to help optimize wellness through plant-powered biohacking. Juna's organic, full-spectrum formulas have helped improve mood, balance, reduce stress, and solved sleep.

We'd love to know your story! How did you get started? How did you get to where you are today? What are you most proud of?

At Juna we formulate the most effective and sustainable cannabis and hemp products for our modern world to support mind, body, mood and sleep. My vision was to bring low dose cannabis products and therapeutic hemp CBD products to the market in a functional, sophisticated and savior faire way. My background is as a chef and sommelier, so I wanted to show transparency around not only quality but efficacy and source as well. We work with

boutique farmers who grow organically and biodynamically with regenerative farming practices. These practices enrich the overall nutrients and actives ( cannabinoid and terpenes) that naturally occur in the plant yielding a potent full spectrum extraction. We then have independent extractors to extract our full spectrum for us. This is very different than most products on the market where brands purchase straight distillate and are only concerned with THC or CBD potency vs single farm, origin and full spectrum benefits. - Jewel

What advice would you give someone wanting to pursue a career similar to yours?

Connect with as many women possible in the industry before you begin. Build strong network in all areas ( financial, product, sales, farmers, chemists). Build a strong advisory board. - Jewel

What’s been your experience as a female founder? Do you have advice for other female entrepreneurs?

Get scrappy, create a great network of mentors and never hesitate to ask for help.

What are the best resources that have helped you along the way?

Other women founders from all industries that have similar ethos and values. Linkedin and Instagram have been key to connecting to who and where I didn't think was possible. - Jewel

"I needed a solution to optimize every day: to sleep better, be more productive during the day, balance my mood and hormones simultaneously, and show up as the best version of myself." ~ Jewel Zimmer, co-founder, Juna

Juna just launched their crowdfunding campaign page where you can own a piece of the brand, receive $1,000 worth of products and 20% off for life. Check out all the perks at

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