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Maddie Moore Founder of THE MOORE METHOD | Founder of Meals by Maddie

Maddie Moore

Maddie Moore was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. After college, despite being healthy all her life, Maddie gained 40 lbs due to working extremely long hours at her job which caused her self esteem to tank and falling into depression.

She joined a local gym and promised herself she would hit her weight loss goals by making sure her diet matched her nutrition.

After losing the 40 pounds she had gained, Maddie fell in love with helping people experience the joy she had regained with her weight loss and healthy diet. 

This is where her  Precision Nutrition and Sports Exercise lifestyle coaching began. Now 4 years and over 100 private nutrition clients later, she moved to Los Angeles to further her dream to help as many people regain the healthy lifestyle they once had. 

Maddie’s meals are prepared specifically to match her clients’ personal health goals i.e. weight loss, maintaining or gaining muscle, and for overall health. 

She also has decided to make her high end coaching programs available for anyone who is interested in starting a new, healthier lifestyle. 

“Today I like to use my journey and the body shaming I have endured over the years to promote and create self love for  female and male empowerment and to positively help provide the tools to make people’s journey’s easier so they have the confidence they truly deserve!”.

We'd love to know your story! How did you get started? How did you get to where you are today? What are you most proud of?

Four years ago I started my own personal fitness journey with a local gym called Faster Fitness in St. Louis, MO. where I joined for their famous 6 Week Fat Loss Challenge because I had gained about 40 lbs post college! I used to be an event planner and marketing director so I was constantly running around and working long hours and had become so self conscious which is so far from what my personality had always been when I was younger it made me so depressed. The challenge consisted of 5 days worth of amazing workouts at the gym and a meal plan to follow. Once I completed the 6 Week challenge I had lost 17 lbs and 6.2% body fat which is almost UNHEARD of but my body really cooperated well and I was so thrilled with the results that I decided I would never go back to my old lifestyle of not making time for the gym and eating like crap because it was convenient. From there I told my best friend Carly that I was joining Faster and that she should do it with me and pledged to meal prep ever week to stay on top of it outside of the gym. Carly was always so busy working that she asked if should could throw me some money if I would cook for her too while I meal prepped and I agreed to it. I started posting to my IG story about meal prepping for the both of us and one of Carly's friends actually reached out and asked if I would prep for him too and I agreed to it! At the time, I really didn't know how to cook so I had to teach myself and read about how to make boring food GOOD without adding crazy calories and taught myself about macros. When I started cooking for the three of us, I never thought that I was going to start Meals by Maddie as a LEGIT business because to be honest I don't really LOVE cooking haha! But I loved the results I was getting from providing the service for my friends and honestly myself that as a side hustle I didn't hate it! Then a few months later I lost my job because the venue I was working at wasn't doing so hot. I started applying for other jobs and started posting more about my meals on my IG stories for the hell of it. I started to get more and more messages about if I was taking new clients for my meal prep and decided to help pay my bills that I could handle taking on a few new clients. I was having a hard time really finding a job that interested me to be honest because my mindset was changing so much to helping people with my meal business that I was just not all in it, and I think it showed with my interviewing that I wasn't all IN. So I decided to say f it and try to get more clients and learn more about how to do coaching as a part of my meal program so I could also coach my meal clients outside of their meals. Four years later, and a new city later I am currently looking to rebuild my clientele out in Los Angeles! I have always dreamt of being in a bigger city and knew that it was time to take the leap and take my business out here. I recently got my Precision Nutrition coaching certification and am excited to be adding real nutrition coaching to my business outside of cooking for private meal prep clients. For my meal prep clients I talk to them about their personal health and fitness goals and help create an easy to follow routine for the including my lunches and dinners to help them truly achieve a new or continued healthy lifestyle. Right now I am working on learning more about how I can incorporate Vegan Style meals into my business because I want to be able to help all types of clients and it's such a rising trend here especially. I am also about to launch a website called, The Moore Method where I will be offering a monthly subscription to help clients with workouts, nutrition secrets, mini coaching and more for only $12 a month! I am so excited to be able to be reaching new heights with helping men and women outside of where I currently live!

What advice would you give someone wanting to pursue a career similar to yours?

Honestly it's so scary being an entrepreneur but it is so worth it if you want it bad enough! There are some days that I am so scared because really it's just me doing this right now and life is unpredictable, but God has brought me so far and I am so grateful for all that He has done for me to help get me this far!

What are the best resources that have helped you along the way?

Honestly asking people for help! Generally other people like to help however they can, even if it is just advice. Do your research, and look at other individuals you look up to and think about how you want to run your business/ image. I have definitely evolved a lot over the years with what I have wanted my brand to look like and that first was a lot of modeling and doing things to be catching people's 'eye,' but now that I'm older I am looking for people's trust and about creating value along the way!

Another word of advice that I would give someone, especially a younger me would be to always be yourself and that will set yourself apart from all of these influencers that look the same and don't tell their STORY. That's what is important. The more real you are, the more people want to hear about YOU! And that in itself will help create a brand for you.

Be sure to check out her latest launch on her new and improved website, The Moore Method to learn more about her nutrition oriented fitness journey! She is offering ebooks on things like a 7 Day Detox, Delicious Protein Shake Recipes, and a 2 Week Cut Program (Coming Soon), workouts and more!

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